The Bokeh community gathers librarians and developers who want to support and contribute to Bokeh. Whether you are an user, a programer or a geek, everyone has a role to play. Feel free to join!

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An enriched OPAC

Bokeh automatically harvests on Internet servers associated with your data records. Book covers, CDs, CD ROMs and DVDs appear in the OPAC.

Readers consult the biography of the author on, they visualize interviews of contemporary authors. They listen to extracts from audio files in your library. They view the trailers of your DVDs.


Naturally, all this requires no librarians interventions!


A simple to administer CMS

Bokeh allows you to easily create and manage portals and mini-sites. So you can create sites for each of your branches, in addition to your main portal.


Content aggregator

With Bokeh you can display to your users on the same space your catalog, eBooks, resources from Galica or video on demand. You can even provide data from other catalogs, be it the nearby library or your regional library.

A digital library

Bokeh allows you to manage your digital library. Gather in one place your texts, images, sounds, videos, etc..

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